VRSA has already allocated a hundred social housing units

Within the scope of the Local Housing Strategy

The municipality of Vila Real de Santo António completed this Wednesday, December 27th, the allocation of a hundred homes, within the scope of the 1st Right – Support Program for Access to Housing, financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan ( PRR).

This measure, whose investment amounts to around 12 million euros, has already made it possible, according to the municipality, to “allocate decent housing to a hundred families in the municipality who were in a vulnerable situation and ensured the resolution of specific and urgent situations of housing shortage”.

For Álvaro Araújo, president of the Municipal Council of VRSA, «the acquisition of these 100 homes and their respective rental represents a historic and turning point in terms of housing and breaks a 20-year cycle of disinvestment and lack of requalification of the housing stock of the city. municipality”.

In a note, the municipality recalls that VRSA had closed the year 2022 with the allocation of 70 homes, to which 30 more were added throughout the year 2023, «an ambitious goal that will not stop here and will continue over the next three years", says the mayor.

«We are implementing an ambitious local housing strategy, worth more than 111 million euros, which will make it possible to put an end to indignity in terms of housing. Our objective is to provide a decent home to around 700 families in the municipality of VRSA», continues the mayor of Vila Real.

The Vila Real de Santo António Local Housing Strategy was approved by municipal bodies, on July 29, 2022, and provides for a set of solutions to address identified needs, measures that will allow the 1st Right Program to be operationalized, guaranteeing citizens of VRSA access to housing as a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.