Winners of the 23rd Portimão Photo Race receive prizes this Saturday

The best works will be exhibited at the Portimão Museum

The winners of the 23rd Portimão Photographic Race will receive their prizes next Saturday, December 9th, in a ceremony to be held at the Portimão Museum, at 17pm. 

This initiative, integrated into the City Day celebrations, registered 157 photography lovers, not only from the Algarve, but from various parts of the country and ten nationalities, in both modes covered (in-person and online), giving it a strong international dimension. to the contest.

During the in-person event, which took place in the Municipality of Portimão, on the 20th of May, participants had the opportunity to creatively record three photographs on each of the eight themes proposed and delivered throughout the day – cultural and natural heritage, experiences , people, social work and leisure environments.

In addition to the in-person format, encouraging participants to travel and discover the territory of the municipality of Portimão, this year the organization also intended to continue online participation.

In this case, those registered in the digital distance modality were able to send their 12 photos from any location, in a special edition on the theme “Freedom”, based on the following four subthemes: 1st – Signs of freedom; 2nd – Streets of freedom; 3rd – Is this freedom? and 4th – Free as the Wind.

In addition to the winning images of the three prizes for each category, the exhibition will also include the Special Jury Prize and the Youth Prize.

The best works from this edition will be on display until March 30th, at the Portimão Museum, and can be seen on Tuesdays, from 14:30 pm to 18:00 pm, and from Wednesday to Sunday, between 10:00 am and 18:00 pm.

This initiative by the Municipality and the Portimão Museum has the support of Subnauta/Ocean Revival, CLCC, Restinga, GAMP – Group of Friends of the Portimão Museum, ANAFA – Algarve Photographers Association and Sul Informação.