General Secretary of the PCP visits Moncarapacho and Faro this Sunday

As part of the national campaign “It’s time to change politics”

Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP, will be in the Algarve this Sunday, December 3rd, as part of the national campaign “It's time to change politics”. 

The agenda includes contact with the population and stallholders at the monthly Moncarapacho Market, at 10 am, and a social lunch at Faro, at the Popular Consumer Cooperative of Faro – COOPPOFA, at 13pm.

For the PCP, «the current political situation resulting from the resignation of the Prime Minister of the PS majority Government is an opportunity that the country and the Algarve must take advantage of to change policy, to demand another direction that opens up possibilities for a solution to the many problems that workers and populations are faced with».

«The difficult social situation resulting from low wages and insufficient pensions, the brutal increase in the cost of living, problems with housing and public services, particularly in the National Health Service, tolls on the Via-do-Infante, the The deficient regional transport network leaves the Algarve with a decision to make, which is whether to continue in this distressing situation or give more strength to the PCP and CDU", the party also highlights in a statement.

The PCP and CDU say they have “solutions for the Algarve”.