Irrigators meet in the Algarve to discuss solutions to water scarcity

The Algarve is the region facing the biggest water shortage problem in the country

Arade Dam – Photo: Nilton Nunes | Sul Informação - File

The XIV Days of the National Federation of Irrigators of Portugal (FENAREG) will take place on the 11th and 12th of December, at the Hotel Amendoeira Golfe Resort, in Alcantarilha.

The Algarve is the region facing the biggest water shortage problem in the country, with water reserves in the reservoirs of the Bravura (8%) and Arade (15%) hydro-agricultural projects in the western Algarve at extremely low levels.

FENAREG announces that it is in this context that “a proposal for measures from the agricultural sector will be presented for the Regional Water Pact, which also involves the urban and tourism sectors, with the aim of reducing the volumes of water used, increasing efficiency in use, improve water supply services, improve the effectiveness of planning, organization and management and search for new sources of water in the Algarve».

At the Meeting's round table, solutions for irrigation in times of scarcity will be discussed, namely, in surface water, the perspective of increasing storage capacity; in groundwater, consider strategies for recharging aquifers; irrigation with water for reuse and the use of deficit irrigation.

On the second day, FENAREG will present a proposal to review the Legal Regime of Hydroagricultural Developments, in response to the challenge launched by Secretary of State Gonçalo Rodrigues, so that the legislation fits the current reality of water management entities.

The days will end with a visit to the Hydroagricultural Development, the Arade Dam and in particular the recently inaugurated Pumping Station.

The event is organized by FENAREG – National Federation of Irrigators of Portugal, in collaboration with the Association of Irrigators and Beneficiaries of Silves, Lagoa and Portimão.

The complete program can be consulted here