PSD/Algarve complains about Aljezur Chamber to the CNE, mayor considers taking action in the courts

In question, the “Proximity Days” that PS/Aljezur will organize

José Gonçalves – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The controversy has arisen with the “Proximity Days” that PS/Aljezur will organize this Friday and Saturday, the 8th and 9th of December. The PSD/Algarve went public to announce that it will file a complaint with the National Elections Commission and the National Data Protection Commission, accusing the City Council (PS) of providing email lists to socialists to send invitations – “propaganda” – for this event. Mayor José Gonçalves denies this and is considering taking the PSD and its leader Cristóvão Norte to court. 

In a note sent to newsrooms, on the morning of this Thursday, the 7th, the Algarve social democrats explained that they were aware of this «massive sending of propaganda, to individuals, companies and associations, through several residents of Aljezur».

For the PSD/Algarve, «this practice constitutes a serious violation of data protection and an illegal means of contacting voters, as it is unsolicited propaganda».

In addition to accusing the PS/Aljezur of “lack of respect for citizens”, the social democrats go even further, casting suspicion on the municipality itself.

«It is also important to find out who gave the emails in question to the Socialist Party, as everything suggests that only the Municipal Council of Aljezur has a database containing the email addresses of all residents, which makes the matter even more serious because, in addition to being an illegal act, it favors the Socialist Party», they argue.

Contacted by Sul Informação, José Gonçalves, president of the Chamber of Aljezur and also of the PS council, refuted any accusation, criticizing the “bad tone” of the PSD/Algarve.

“This is bearing false witness. I don't have any database, nor do I know of any database. Doctor Cristóvão Norte wants to do politics in the wrong way», considered the mayor.

José Gonçalves puts it on the table to take the issue to court.

«The Chamber reserves the right to see if it does not take this in other directions, with legal action, against the PSD/Algarve and its leader», he told our newspaper.

These “Proximity Days” are scheduled to take place today, the 8th, from 15pm, in Carrapateira, and tomorrow, the 00th, at the same time, but in Aljezur.

The objective is to listen to the population about the problems in the municipality.

The email sent to Aljezurenses


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