PDR 2020 distributed 96 million in support for projects in the Algarve

Until November 2023

The Rural Development Program (PDR) 2020 approved 1611 applications in the Algarve, until November 2023, which «represent an eligible investment that exceeds 139 million euros, of which 96 million correspond to public support», according to a situation report made this Friday by the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve (DRAPAlg).

In the Algarve region, «public expenditure paid to beneficiaries has exceeded 60 million euros», so far.

«Of the different areas that make up the Program, it is the measures relating to “Competitiveness and Organization of Production” that concentrate the largest number of applications, and the highest percentages of investment and public aid, and within these measures are the actions relating to “Investments in Agricultural Farms” which represent the largest share, both in number of applications and in approved amounts», according to DRAPAlg.

The area relating to “Environment, Efficiency in the Use of Resources and Climate”, which concentrates measures to support the forest, records an approved investment of around 20 million euros.

«Measure 10 – Leader, under the responsibility of the Local Action Groups (Vicentina, In Loco and Terras do Baixo Guadiana) is also worth mentioning, which has so far recorded 529 approved applications, an indicator of the work of animating the Algarve rural world in which These associations have been involved, and this has intensified this year», added the same entity.

At a national level, PDR2020 achieved a Commitment Rate of 109%, with more than 452 thousand approved applications, and an Execution Rate of 87%, which corresponds to 4,730 billion euros of public expenditure paid to beneficiaries.