New GNR posts in Messines and VRSA will advance

Municipalities provided land for the construction of new facilities

The Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) has already approved the agreements between the Algarve Municipalities of Silves and Vila Real de Santo António, for the construction of new GNR Territorial Posts in São Bartolomeu de Messines and at the headquarters of the riverside municipality of Guadiana.

In a ceremony presided over by the Secretary of State for Internal Administration Isabel Oneto, through inter-administrative contracts, the Municipalities of Silves and VRSA cede land to the Ministry of Internal Administration for the construction of the two new Territorial Posts.

The vice-president of Silves City Council stated that “we are pleased to be signing this inter-administrative contract. It’s the first step towards what needs to be done.”

“São Bartolomeu de Messines has a dilapidated GNR barracks. Only under other conditions will they be able to fulfill the mission of ensuring our safety and other important missions, in particular the close monitoring of elderly citizens. We are pleased that today we are signing our contract. It will be bigger when the barracks is built”, added Luísa Conduto Luís.

For his part, Álvaro Araújo, president of Vila Real de Santo António City Council, highlighted that “this is a very special day for the municipality. I would like to express special thanks to the Secretary of State and send a very special greeting to the Minister of Internal Affairs. Because it is worth praising, highlighting and signaling when the commitments made are fulfilled. In the face of many unbelievers, the commitment was fulfilled.”

“The post will create better working conditions for GNR soldiers who perform a very important mission in ensuring security for residents and those who visit us”, added the mayor of Vila Real.

Isabel Oneto, Secretary of Internal Administration, stated that “the execution of our investment program has been progressing at a good pace. Let’s hope this continues in the future, because these programs are essential for security forces to have working and operational conditions to guarantee the safety of citizens”.

“We take these steps today because local authorities are an essential partner in security and internal administration policies. And I would like to highlight that less densely populated territories, or those with more dispersed populations, deserve the same respect from the Government as urban territories. Everyone needs the same protection and the same investment,” he concluded.

At the same ceremony, through the inter-administrative contract signed with the Municipality of Sousel, the State will finance the construction of the new GNR Territorial Post with 1,2 million euros (plus VAT).

The General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration is preparing implementation projects for the GNR Territorial Posts in Alijó, Freamunde (Paços de Ferreira), Matosinhos and the interadministrative contract for the PSP Police Station will soon be available. in Cruz de Pau (Seixal).