Loulé hands over keys to new houses to 5 families in Salir

Minister of Housing Marina Gonçalves was in the municipality of Loulé

This Wednesday, December 27th, Loulé City Council handed over the keys to five new homes in Salir, within the scope of the Local Housing Strategy.

Located in front of the Salir Community Center, in the center of the town, these homes consisting of two T2s and three T3s were delivered as affordable rentals.

The families were chosen according to the eligibility criteria stipulated in municipal regulations.

This work meant an investment of around 630 thousand euros, with funding from the PRR.

«It is a huge joy and a very happy moment for those contemplated, naturally, but also for this municipality. It is a clear sign that our housing policy is beginning to bear tangible fruit and will continue to do so in the near future, as we have several works underway and several projects under development, in order to satisfy as soon as possible what we consider to be a fundamental right. of our citizens", stressed Vítor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé.

Since 2015, close to 48 families in the municipality of Loulé have been rehoused under the Local Housing Strategy (ELH). The goal is to find, by 2030, 1400 housing solutions for those who need it most.

Yesterday, December 28th, the Minister of Housing Marina Gonçalves was in the municipality of Loulé for a meeting with municipal officials where an assessment was made of the work being carried out, namely through the PRR funds and the 1º Direito program.

Next, the minister was in the Bairro Municipal de Loulé “Frederico Ulrich” – known as Bairro Operário – where the 1st phase of the expansion and rehabilitation of 18 houses is taking place.

This is a work integrated into the Local Housing Strategy 2019-2030 of the Municipality of Loulé and will involve an investment of around 3 million euros (€2,603.679,03 financed by the PRR and €332,345,51 by the Municipality).

Not far from the neighborhood, next to the Salt Rock Mine, Marina Gonçalves had the opportunity to see the most emblematic work of this Local Housing Strategy: the Clona Urbanization.

The project has been underway for several months, having been launched by the Minister of Housing herself, in June, who laid the first stone of the blocks. Now you can see up close how the work is progressing at a good pace.

At the moment, 64 homes are under construction (34 are intended for affordable rental and the rest for supported rental) but the project envisages a total of 128 homes.

The total value of the work is 11,2 million euros, with co-financing of 4,2 million euros from the PRR.

On this tour of the Loulé territory, the governor passed through Salir where, in addition to the 5 homes already delivered to families, there are 12 more homes under construction.