GNR records 610 traffic violations in the last week

Between November 27th and December 3th

610 traffic violations detected, 90 arrested and 124 accidents recorded is the balance of the weekly operational activity that the GNR carried out between the 27th of November and the 3rd of December in the Algarve.  

Of the more than 600 infractions, 129 stood out for speeding, 34 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 20 for lack of or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems, 16 related to anomalies in lighting systems and signage, 16 for lack of civil liability insurance and nine for improper use of a cell phone while driving.

The GNR also highlights the arrest of 36 people for driving under the influence of alcohol, 29 for driving without a legal license and five for drug trafficking and the seizure of 165 doses of hashish, six doses of cocaine and a brass knuckle.

Between November 27th and December 3rd, 124 accidents were recorded, resulting in one serious injury and 24 minor injuries.