Faro announced the proposal to review the PDM in a public session

Public consultation on the plan ends tomorrow

The proposed revision of the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) of Faro was presented on November 22nd, in a session that took place in the Town Hall, whose objective “was to consult the population and provide the opportunity for active and broad participation” on this document.

The PDM of Faro is under public consultation until tomorrow, Tuesday, and all written and drawn parts of the proposed plan and delimitation of REN and RAN are available for consultation on the municipal authority's website.

The session was attended by 100 people, with Sophie Matias, councilor for Infrastructure and Urban Planning at the Chamber of Faro, and Pedro Ribeiro da Silva and Fernanda Quinta, from the company responsible for reviewing the plan, shared «all the complexity and slowness of the process and the difficulty of agreeing positions with the different administration entities with interests in the territory, which only in the case of Faro, there are more than forty».

«After the public discussion, the participations will be subject to systematization and response, and may be incorporated into the PDM, as long as they are appropriate and prove to be in compliance with the legal conditions of this territorial management instrument and with easements and utility restrictions public", assured the Chamber of Faro.


About PDM:

«The PDM is intended to regulate the occupation, use and transformation of land and establishes the territorial development strategy, being the reference instrument for the preparation of the remaining municipal plans and the only one that is directly binding on individuals. The PDM of Faro in force is a so-called “1st generation plan” and was originally approved in 1995.

However, after a long, demanding and complex review procedure restarted in 2023, which took advantage of all the acts and formalities carried out in the previous procedure in 2016, and consultation with more than forty administration entities with interests in the territory, it was reached a PDM proposal, which is under public discussion until December 5th.

Among the main changes that can be found in this proposal are the classification of soils and the delimitation of urban perimeters, in accordance with the various legal obligations».