Registration is now open for Paderne’s “Férias na Aldeia” program

The program has activities on the 9th and 10th of December

Registration is now open for Paderne’s “Férias na Aldeia” program, which will feature activities between the 9th and 10th of December. 

This is an initiative that aims to “recover the tradition of holidays in the countryside, in villages, through the promotion of experiences, organized according to the available tourist offer, valuing the best that exists in the place, boosting its intrinsic characteristics, adding value to local businesses and favoring the emergence and growth of a complementary tourist offer».

The Mayor of Albufeira highlights that «this is the second time this year that an event within the scope of the Villages of Portugal has been held in Aldeia de Paderne. The first took place last November with the “Lunch and Dine with Us” initiative, which had a very significant turnout».

José Carlos Rolo states that these are very important events, as they allow «to publicize the interior Algarve, its roots, traditions, history and heritage, while at the same time contributing to the dynamism of the local economy».

The program to be held next Saturday, December 9th, and Sunday, 10th, in Aldeia de Paderne, aims to
«to value the local historical, cultural and scenic heritage, through the promotion of activities and experiences for different audiences, adults and children who, in this way, can enjoy a genuine family program with visits to cultural facilities, gastronomy and workshops».

On the 9th, the program begins, at 16pm, with a visit to the Casa do Acordeão, a typical Algarve musical instrument, a kind of small museum, where it is possible to find unique pieces such as accordions, concertinas, photographs, medals, posters and typical clothing. – a set of more than 00 pieces of great cultural value. At 1pm, dinner follows at the “Os Arcos” restaurant with Algarvian-style carrots, wild boar stew and orange pie.

On the second day, December 10th, the program starts early, at 9:30 am, with a visit to the Mercado de Domingo.

Two workshops will follow: one aimed at creating acorn necklaces (10 am) and the other for creating a book divider.

At 12:00 p.m., participants will visit the Biblioteca Museu do Jornal a Avezinha, an almost century-old local newspaper, which after closing its doors decided to present its immense collection: thousands of books and the newspaper's entire bibliographic collection, on the floor where the Library operates. .

A Museum was installed in the basement, where various machines and equipment recall the newspaper's activities. The program ends with a lunch, scheduled for 13 pm, at Casa do Povo in Paderne, with Corn Stew and Almond and Gila Cake.

The price of the program is 32,50 euros for Adults, 20 euros for children aged 6 to 12 (up to 5 years free).

This price does not include the price of accommodation at Monte Ophélia – Local Accommodation, subject to availability (reservations must be made via email at [email protected] or tel: 963 389 750.

Proceeds from the event go towards Casa do Povo de Paderne.

Payment of 10 euros must be made at the time of registration, via bank transfer: PT50 0045 7010 4000 1300 7188 8.