Entre Aspas marks 30 years of “Criatura da Noite” with two concerts in the Algarve

The band presents new album at Algarve concerts

Os In quotes marks 30 years since the release of his first album «Entre SFF», which included what would become his first hit, “Criatura da Noite”, with two concerts in the Algarve, on the 22nd and 23rd of December.

Viviane's band, Tó Viegas and Nuno Filhó, decided, in order to mark the date, to release the album “Agora”, which brings together 10 songs, nine of which are original, which were “at the bottom of a drawer ready to come out in 2003 , but which were not published", because the group suspended the activity.

One of the new features is the return of the well-known theme “Creature of the Night”, but with a new version written by Brazilian producer Alê Siqueira.

To present the new work, published on November 24th, the In quotes They give concerts at Club Farense, on the 22nd of December, at 22pm, and at Bafo de Baco, in Loulé, on the 00rd, at 23:22pm.

Entry costs 12.50 euros in advance and 15 euros afterwards. Tickets are available at Club Farense and Bafo de Baco.

The pre-sale ticket can be purchased until the 20th and the general ticket can be purchased on the 21st and 22nd, at Club Farense.

For more information, contact Club Farense on 289824219 and Bafo de Baco on 968124651, where you can also pay by MB Way (put the number of tickets and your first and last name in the description).