Wine tourists more than double at Quinta do Canhoto

The year 2023 has been one of growth, but there are already plans for 2024

The Quinta do Canhoto family

Quinta do Canhoto, a producer of wines under the Esquerdino brand, located in the municipality of Albufeira and overlooking the sea, opened its doors to wine tourism in March 2020 and «has been recording a very significant growth in tourists from several countries around the world. world".

From January to October this year, the experience of visiting the vineyards, cellar and wine tasting was experienced by more than 9000 wine tourists, an increase of more than 100% compared to the same period in 2022.

In addition to these tourists who booked their experience, «there were many who showed up and did a commented wine tasting, because at Quinta do Canhoto everyone who arrives is welcome and served in the best possible way», add those responsible for the farm.


Photo: Bárbara Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)


The quantity of wines sold directly to tourists has followed this growth, now representing around 80% of the cellar's wine sales, including tasting wines and those purchased by wine tourists.

«We can say that 80% of Esquerdino wine is for export, as it is paid for in foreign currency and is sent to different countries and continents», they emphasize.

Foreign tourists represent 98% of visitors to Quinta do Canhoto, with the United Kingdom, Belgium and Sweden leading the source markets in the summer.

In the remaining months, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands and Denmark are the majority countries of origin for visitors.

Quinta do Canhoto produces white, rosé and red wines with Algarve Geographical Indication, which thus carry the name of the Quinta and Algarve Wines further afield.



Located a short distance from the city of Albufeira, 2,5 kilometers from the sea (which can be seen from the farm), but away from the hustle and bustle, it presents itself as a space of tranquility, biodiversity, which surprises tourists with the quality of its wines. , for its vineyards with sea views and the Adega BioClimática, a building that combines aesthetics and functionality with energy efficiency.

The project is designed by architect Joana Fernandes, the 5th generation of the family who, together with her mother Josefina and her uncle Edgar, are at the forefront of Quinta do Canhoto's destiny. The project received a 2022 Algarve Architecture award from the Order of Architects.

But Quinta do Canhoto’s plans don’t stop there. For 2024, the wine tourism offer expands, presenting two new experiences: the picnic next to the vineyards and the Special Tasting, with a set of products that accompany the wines, from Algarve bread stuffed with baked cheese, savory snacks, cheeses and sausages, roasted chorizo, fresh produce kebabs, seasonal fruit and Algarve sweets.

Open all year round, Quinta do Canhoto is one of the options for Algarve tourists also in low season.



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