D. Maria II will be in Loulé thinking about “Future Scenarios”

Initiative takes place within the scope of the “National Odyssey”

The thought event “Future Scenarios”, organized by the D. Maria II National Theater as part of the “National Odyssey”, will take place on the 15th and 16th of December, in Loulé. 

In a press release, D. Maria II explains that, «after 11 months of intense activity throughout the country, with the presentation of shows, participation projects dedicated to the school public, training, thought events and even an exhibition , it is time to reflect on the possible legacy of this National Odyssey, without losing sight of the challenges of the future».

Focusing on the future and the artistic practices of young people, the Cenários Futuros event highlights the relationship between culture and education, in partnership with the National Arts Plan.

With free entry (upon registration here), the event takes place in various spaces in the city of Loulé, over two days, and consists of debates, round tables, conferences, performances and shows.

“Cultural policies: scales and challenges for territorial cohesion”, “Artistic creation in the Algarve: Where are we and where do we want to go?”, or “Culture and Education”, are some of the themes of the debates that make up the programming of Future Scenarios and with the participation of names such as Anabela Afonso, António Branco (former dean of the University of Algarve), José Apolinário (president of the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission), José Laginha (deVIR CAPa), Laura Tripaldi, Madalena Victorino (Lavrar o Mar), Magda Henriques, Pedro Adão e Silva (minister of Culture), Quimera Rosa, Rita Natálio (Ritó), Rui Catarino (president of the Board of Directors of D. Maria II), Sandro William Junqueira and Vítor Aleixo ( president of the Chamber of Loulé).

On December 15th, in the afternoon, the “Heads and Tails” initiative will take place.

This will be a meeting between programmers and artists from the south of the country, where their methodologies, missions and interests will be discussed. At the same time, five emerging creators from the region, selected through a open call, will present their most recent creations to the programmers present, in a format pitching.

On December 16th, the morning begins with three round tables around artistic projects and programming for children and youth, dedicated to the themes “Childhood”, “Adolescence” and “Youth”.

On both days, and similar to what happened in the Past Scenarios and Future Scenarios events, Lab2050 will promote the Schools and Community Forums, where young people and cultural structures from the South will have the opportunity to come together to reflect on the desirable future for the region and for the country.

The Cenários Futuros program also includes the performance “Canto a Whitman”, by Carolina Santos, actress, and Marco Martins, musician, which will take place on December 15th, at 18:30 pm, at the Mákina de Cena space.

Added to this is “La vie invisible”, created and staged by Frenchwoman Lorraine de Sagazan, with text by Guillaume Poix, based on testimonies from blind and visually impaired people.

The show will be presented on December 15th, at 21pm, at Cineteatro Louletano, and will feature audio description and subtitles in Portuguese.

On the 14th, at 18pm, the book with the text of the show will also be launched, in a TNDM II / Bicho-do-mato edition (Textos de Teatro collection), as well as a Braille edition. This will be the first publication by D. Maria II to be published in Braille.

Finally, there will be a staged reading of “Viagem por mim terra”, the play that Mozambican playwright Venâncio Calisto has been writing since the beginning of the year, on a journey with Odisseia Nacional. This reading, carried out by Sara Vicente and Tânia Silva, will take place on December 16th, at 18:30 pm, at Mákina de Cena.

These two days dedicated to thought end with a party at Palácio Gama Lobo, on Saturday, the 16th, from 21pm.

“Future Scenarios” is the third thought event developed by D. Maria II within the scope of the National Odyssey project, which has taken the Theater touring the country since January this year, during the works that the emblematic theater is undergoing.