Lagoa City Council invests 800 thousand euros in public lighting with LED technology

The objective is to make the municipality more sustainable

Lagoa City Council invested more than 800 thousand euros in replacing mercury vapor, sodium vapor and metal halide lamps with LED technology, throughout 2023, to “reduce consumption and thus contribute to an increasingly sustainable municipality, economically and environmentally”.

Throughout this year, the interventions Phase III of Ferragudo, Phase III of Estômbar and Phase III of Porches were carried out, «with the territory of the municipality of Lagoa, with these interventions, having more than 30% covered by LED technology, allowing, among various environmental benefits, increase savings on public lighting», according to the Chamber.

These actions join others carried out by the municipality in recent years.

«In addition to replacing traditional mercury vapor, sodium vapor and metal halide luminaires with LED technology, the new luminaires are equipped with a regulation regime that allows public lighting to dim during the night, by reducing power, also reducing consumption», according to the municipality.

«At this moment, the procedures that will allow the Municipality of Lagoa to continue investing in the requalification of the public lighting network, during the year 2024, are already in public tender, with an investment of more than 800 thousand euros being planned. Therefore, the Municipality of Lagoa is prepared to carry out the requalification of the public lighting network in three more areas of the municipality, called Ferragudo Phase IV, Estômbar Phase IV and Lagoa Phase V», he added.

The Municipality of Lagoa highlights that «it is aligned with the implementation strategy of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely with the 7th and 12th SDGs which propose “Ensuring access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy sources for all”, as well as “Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns”».

«This is a fundamental investment to contribute to an increasingly sustainable planet. We know that it is an investment with little visibility, but it is extremely important. We will only be satisfied when the municipality is fully covered with environmentally friendly technology», stated Luís Encarnação, President of Lagoa City Council.