camera of Faro already has a building to house the future Press Museum

The building was ceded for 25 years to the Chamber of Faro by the Diocese of Algarve

The Diocese of Algarve will provide free of charge the space of the former Tipografia União, in Vila-Adentro de Faro, to the Chamber of Farense, so that it can install the future Press Museum of Faro.

This free transfer, which was formally accepted by the municipality of Faro at the last Chamber meeting, will be for a period of 25 years and refers to the surface right of an urban building «consisting of a three-story building, intended for services, located in Vila-Adentro de Faro, with an area of ​​781,80 square meters, according to the municipality.

In return for the free transfer of the building, «the municipality will be responsible for rehabilitating the property, with a view to installing the Press Museum and preserving the entire heritage collection to be included in the collection».

«It is the municipality's intention to associate this exhibition space centered on readings of the memory of the press in the region with the municipal museum network, with the responsibility for management and its operation being the responsibility of the municipality and the Municipal Museum of Faro», added the Chamber.

Before, in 2020, another protocol had already been signed, that started the whole process.

On city day, celebrated on September 7th, the Municipality of Faro and the Diocese of Algarve signed the protocol «which provides for the installation of this exhibition structure in the former space of Tipografia União, on a permanent basis, which will ensure the safeguarding, valorization and dissemination of the graphic heritage resulting from the Tipografia União workshop, simultaneously making known the fact that it was Faro the birthplace of the press in Portugal, with the printing of the book Pentateuch, in Hebrew, on June 30, 1487».

The municipality recalls that the study for the creation of the museum was awarded to the University of Algarve, «with the collection and inventory of documentary and industrial assets having already been carried out and a subsequent preliminary exhibition program with definition of content and suggestion of pieces, a proposal for spaces and functionalities, budgets and resources».

The municipality also progressed with the diagnosis of the building's condition and proposed intervention, inventory of the estate and the organization of Folha de Domingo's documentation.

The Municipality of Faro will also be involved in carrying out associated and integrated work in the project “Print Culture Lab: heritage and development, an integrated perspective”, as well as in the production of editions, digital infrastructures, audiovisual materials, multimedia programs, thematic exhibitions and promotion of initiatives.

This interdisciplinary and interinstitutional project of scientific research, technological development and cultural action is in harmony with the Regional Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization in the Algarve (2014-2020), with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as the which was defined in the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the value of cultural heritage for society (2005) and in the UNESCO Convention for World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972).

At the same time, this project will also allow Faro will have yet another cultural space of great relevance, enabling the increase in the attractiveness of the territory.