OE2024: National rail pass extended to urban, interregional and intercity trains

Pass with this price only covered regional trains until now

Intercity Train in Faro – Photo: Fabiana Saboya | Sul Informação

Deputies today approved a proposal to amend the Free State Budget for 2024 (OE2024) which extends the national rail pass to inter-regional, urban and inter-city trains, worth 49 euros.

Livre's proposal was approved during the votes in the specialty of the OE2024 proposal, with IL voting against, PSD and Chega abstaining and in favor of the remaining parties, in the Budget and Finance Committee.

“By the end of the first half of 2024, the Government extends the territorial scope of the National Rail Pass to Inter-Regional trains across the entire railway network and to Urban and Inter-city trains” on certain routes, defines the proposal.

The extension of the rail pass to urban and inter-city trains covers the routes Viana do Castelo – Barcelos – Famalicão – Braga; Famalicão – Trofa – Santo Tirso – Guimarães; Coimbra – Figueira da Foz; Castelo Branco – Fundão – Covilhã – Guarda; Beja – Casa Branca – Évora; and Tunes – Loulé – Faro.

“The monthly value of the National Rail Pass remains at 49 euros”, establishes the Livre initiative.

According to the proposal, the extension of the National Rail Pass “is accompanied by the reinforcement of the rail service and investment in the renewal and acquisition of rolling stock”.

The initiative also provides that the public service contract between the State and CP-Comboios de Portugal “is reviewed and updated in order to compensate CP for the loss of revenue and the increase in operating costs due to the extension of the National Rail Pass” .

“During the year 2024, the Government, together with the Mobility and Transport Authority, the Mobility and Transport Institute, the various Transport Authorities, the Metropolitan Areas and Intermunicipal Communities, studies the forms for creating the Pass of National Mobility that provides access to urban, suburban, regional, medium-distance and flexible transport in road, rail, river and smooth mobility modes through the expansion of the 'Incentive +TP' Programs and the 1Bilhete.pt Platform”, you can read support the Livre proposal.

In the justification note, Livre states that the National Railway Pass, which currently gives access to all regional trains in the country for 49 euros per month, was created in 2023, the result of a proposed amendment by the party to the State Budget for 2023.