Lagoa promotes public presentation “New perspectives on the building of the former convent of São José”

On the 21th of November at 14:30

The Multipurpose Room of the Centro Cultural Convento de S. José, in Lagoa, will receive, on November 21st, at 14:30 pm, the public presentation and invitation to collaborate with the “CONVENTUS Project: New perspectives on the building of the former convent of São José , in Lagoa”. 

The CONVENTUS project aims to study the history of the Convent of São José de Lagoa to learn about its origins, functions and different uses until today, as well as its meanings and values ​​for the local population.

Having initially functioned as a female religious house, after secularization the building hosted other functions, such as a primary school, Lagoa parish, Republican National Guard post, Civil Registry Office or Lagoa Parish Council, and has been operating as a Cultural Center since 1993. .

In a note, Lagoa City Council explains that the CONVENTUS team is starting work on documental and biographical collection about the building and for this it needs the collaboration of citizens. This is a project open to the population and anyone who wants to contribute.