Director of Ciência Viva de Lagos will participate in international symposium in Brazil

Between the 23th and 25th of November

Luís Azevedo Rodrigues, director of the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos, will «share experiences and knowledge» at the II International Scientific Tourism Symposium, which will take place from Thursday, the 23rd, to Saturday, the 25th of November, at UNIRIO, in Rio of January

The paleontologist and specialist in Science Communication who heads the CCV lacobrigense will be one of the participants in the symposium, whose theme is “Scientific Tourism as a strategy for the Popularization of Science”.

The participation of Luís Azevedo Rodrigues «is an extension of the SciTour research project, led by the CCV of Lagos, which explores synergies between tourism and science as a way of promoting innovative approaches in territorial valorization, education and scientific communication».

The Portuguese science communicator will teach a 5-hour workshop, entitled “Science Communication and AI”, in addition to giving the lecture “Scientific Tourism and Natural Heritage in the Algarve, Portugal – Research and Practices”, “sharing methods and practices that CCVL has applied it to scientific communication and content production».

«It is with great honor that we receive international recognition. The success of CCV Lagos lies in the commitment and excellence of our team, which transforms a small-scale center in Lagos into an example of science communication», according to Luís Azevedo Rodrigues.

«Our thanks go to Dr. Bruna Conti, from the Symposium organization, and Dr. Ismar Carvalho from UFRJ for the invaluable invitations and support. Furthermore, we must recognize the essential financing from CRESC Algarve, which was fundamental to the realization and success of the SciTour project», concludes the director of .

The II International Symposium on Scientific Tourism «aims to strengthen dialogue between academic, business and governmental spheres, expanding the understanding and application of scientific tourism as a vehicle for education and public engagement».