“Última Memória” by Sara Carinhas takes the stage at Lethes

This is a spectacle that can, «once in a while, be confused with a party»

The play “Última Memória”, a show in the form of a conference-monologue starring actress and director Sara Carinhas, takes the stage at Teatro Lethes, on October 14th, Saturday, at 21:30 pm.

Sara Carinhas will share on stage «references that feed ideas, frames of life, unfinished thoughts, doubts and proposals, oscillating between the fixed script she wrote and the improvisation, or forgetfulness, of the moment», in a show that can, «once in a while sometimes, confusing it with a party», according to ACTA – The Algarve Theater Company.

Tickets cost 10 euros for the general public and 7,5 euros for those over 65 and under 30. Friend card holders and students pay 5 euros.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the Lethes Theater box office. Reservations can be made by dialing 289 878 908 and 919 172 008.


About Sara Carinhas:

Completed the Music and Singing course at Juventude Musical Portuguesa. She was a ballet student of Master Margarida de Abreu. She has been studying with Professor Polina Klimovitskaya since 2009, between Lisbon, New York and Paris. She is a master's student in Theater Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon.

Debuting as an actress in 2003, she worked in Theater with Adriano Luz, Ana Tamen, Beatriz Batarda, Cristina Carvalhal, Fernanda Lapa, Isabel Medina, João Mota, Luís Castro, Marco Martins, Nuno Cardoso, Nuno M. Cardoso, Nuno Carinhas, Olga Roriz, Ricardo Aibéo, and Ricardo Pais.

In 2015, she was awarded by the Portuguese Society of Authors for best theater actress, received the Honorable Mention from the Portuguese Association of Theater Critics and the Golden Globe for best actress for her performance in A farsa de Luís Castro (2015).

In cinema, he worked with directors Alberto Seixas Santos, Manoel de Oliveira, Pedro Marques, Rui Simões, Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra, Valeria Sarmiento, Manuel Mozos, Margarida Cardoso, Patrícia Sequeira, João Mário Grilo, Vicente Alves do Ó, among others.

He was responsible for the dramaturgy, casting direction and actor direction for the film Snu by Patrícia Sequeira. She was distinguished with the L'Oreal Paris Young Talent Award, from the Estoril Film Festival, for her performance in the film Coisa Ruim (2008). On television she participated in series such as Mulheres Assim, Madre Paula and 3 Mulheres, having been director of actors, together with Cristina Carvalhal, of Terapia, directed by Patrícia Sequeira.

He worked in stage management with the Escola de Mulheres, participated in a collective creation based on the novel Eurico o Presbítero, by Alexandre Herculano and was assistant director of Beatriz Batarda in Azul Longe Nas Colinas.

As a director, she highlights “As Ondas” (2013) based on the work of the same name by Virginia Woolf, an author to whom she returns in “Orlando” (2015), a co-creation with Victor Hugo Pontes. In 2019 she debuts “Limbo” with her production, a show that is still touring the country, having recently been presented in London.

Signs for the second time the “Cycle of Staged Readings” in the Winter Garden of the São Luiz Teatro Municipal. She regularly writes chronicles for Gerador. She teaches writing and improvisation at Formação Olga Roriz, Academia Gerador and ACT.