“Share” showed 800 people that «technological Algarve exists»

Next year, “Share” will be expanded to other parts of the country, namely Lisbon and Porto

An event that «exceeded all expectations» and provided «proof of life», showing that «the technological Algarve exists». Share Algarve brought together around 800 participants this Monday, October 23rd, at the Algarve Congress Center, in Vilamoura, to talk about technology, startups , and more. 

Marketing, technology, innovation and in particular artificial intelligence were some of the topics discussed on the three stages of the event: “Inspiration – Main Stage”, the “Save It – Sustainability Stage”, reserved for discussion on topics related to sustainability, and the “Build It – Startup Stage”, for presentations of startups the competition.

In statements to the Sul Informação, on the sidelines of the event, Jorge Cabaço, CEO and founder of “Share”, said that this was the «biggest and best edition ever».

“We exceeded our expectations. What we want is to prove the Algarve's life, to say that the technological Algarve exists and that the private sector is here, in good health and recommended», he considered.



“Share Algarve” had a total of around 800 participants, including 50 speakers, 30 of them international.

«This was the most cosmopolitan edition we have had to date. We had people here who came from various continents, Asia, Africa, not just Europe, people who traveled today on purpose from London for the event, from Porto, from Braga», said Jorge Cabaço.

Some of the speakers were Vanda Everke, CEO of Spy Manor, Beau McLellan, owner creative director at byBeau, and Stefano Gurciullo, an investor with experience in artificial intelligence.

Paulo Águas, rector of the University of Algarve, and Marisa Garrido, from the board of directors of IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, also participated in the opening session.

Furthermore, “Share”, in the opinion of its CEO, is managing to «be on the map of technological events at national level», already deserving the «trust of several startups».




«We are extremely happy with the impact and we are, above all, happy with the words of praise and satisfaction that we are receiving. And to bring together an audience of this size, in an event that has everything it needs to be a great national event and to further assert itself in the panorama of technology events in Portugal», considered Jorge Cabaço.

For the future, there will be news: next year, “Share” will be expanded to other parts of the country, namely Lisbon and Porto.

«This was the first “Share” of the rest of “Share’s” life, because we had a hiatus here since the last edition, due to the pandemic. We didn’t lose space, we didn’t lose purpose and we emerged reinforced,” he concluded.


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