Eunice Ageas Network takes “Still Marianas” to Faro, Lagos, Campo Maior and Estremoz

Throughout the month of October

Photo: Pedro Macedo_framed Photos

The show “Still Marianas”, a creation by Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro and Leonor Buescu based on Novas Cartas Portuguesas, will be shown in Faro, Lagos, Campo Maior and Estremoz, on another tour of the Eunice Ageas Network, a project to circulate shows produced and co-produced by Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.

On Friday, October 6th, the show will be presented at the Centro Cultural de Campo Maior, followed by a visit to Teatro das Figuras, in Faro (October 13), by the Bernardim Ribeiro Theater, in Estremoz (October 20) and by the Lagos Cultural Center (October 26).

In all these locations, there will be two presentations, at 10:00 am and 21:30 pm, with the exception of Faro, in which the morning session is scheduled for 10:30 am.

In April 1972, Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da Costa published Novas Cartas Portuguesas, «addressing themes as diverse as passion, female enclosure, writing, the feeling of isolation and abandonment or war», according to the Eunice Ageas Network.

In 1973, the authors would be put on trial by the Estado Novo, which removed the book from the market. And 2022, 50 years after the publication of the book, Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro and Leonor Buescu brought to the stage Novas Cartas Portuguesas and the trial that involved the authors, in a show that premiered at the Sala Estúdio of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and which continues now in tour around the country.

«Ana Baptista, Isabel Costa and Teresa Coutinho are on stage, to call for reflection around the collective memory of a country. In addition to sessions for school groups and the general public, the show team will also develop a Theatrical Laboratory, aimed at secondary school students, based on the themes covered by the play», they describe.

Launched in 2016, and sponsored by actress Eunice Muñoz, the Eunice Ageas Network is an initiative of the D. Maria II National Theater and the Ageas Portugal Group, developed in partnership with municipal theaters, with the purpose of reinforcing the quality theatrical offer in places where this is often occasional or irregular. Over the course of 7 years, 13 municipal theaters have been part of the Eunice Ageas Network, hosting a total of 21 different shows, covering thousands of spectators in various regions of the country.

In 2023, with the closure of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II for renovation work and the launch of the Odisseia Nacional project, the Eunice Ageas Network gained a new expression, with the circulation of three shows in several municipal theaters, some of which had never integrated this network until then.