Portimão: ISMAT hosts meeting of the higher education student provider network

On Thursday and Friday

The Secretary of State for Higher Education, the general director of Higher Education and leaders of the country's main Academic Associations and Federations of public and private education will come together at the Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in Portimão, to participate in the XII National Meeting of Network of Higher Education Student Providers, which will take place on Thursday and Friday, on the 2nd and 3rd of November.

«What is the contribution of Student Ombudsmen and Academic Associations and Federations in Higher Education? What synergies can be created between these entities? What can they do to improve the functioning of Higher Education institutions?”, are some of the questions that will be sought to be answered during the initiative.

In addition to bringing together, for the first time, representatives of public and private Higher Education students, the meeting will be attended by Pedro Nuno Teixeira, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Joaquim Morato, general director of Higher Education.

«At this meeting there will be several round tables where topics will be discussed such as “Quality of life on Campus”, “Student participation within each of the Higher Education institutions”, “Network of Academic Associations for when?” and at the end the conclusions will be presented», concludes the organization.

The complete program of the initiative can be consulted here.