November is the month of training football, padel, basketball and tennis in Portimão

Initiatives start this week

Training football, padel, basketball and tennis are some of the sports that will be highlighted in the sporting program for the month of November, in the municipality of Portimão.

This week, on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November, the Major David Neto Training Center and the Restinga Stadium, in Alvor, will host the third edition of the U14 Portimão International Cup, «a tournament that will bring together some of the biggest training clubs in the world. world and the talents of tomorrow, in an organization of Portimonense Sporting Clube, with the support of the Municipality of Portimão», according to the Portimão municipality.

28 teams will participate, eight more than in 2022, from England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, the United States of America, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania and Portugal, with emphasis on Liverpool, Juventus, Fiorentina, Parma, Bétis de Seville, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Brondby, Los Angeles Galaxy or New York City FC, without forgetting Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Sporting Clube de Portugal, Vitória Sport Clube, de Guimarães, Portimonense Sporting Clube and the Alvorense Sports and Recreational Group.

The test may be followed on Facebook.

On the weekend of the 4th and 5th of November, the Mixed Pairs Padel Social Tournament will be held, open to members and users of the Portimão Municipal Tennis and Padel Complex.

The competition, played in mixed pairs, is organized by the Portimão Tennis and Padel Club and is free to enter.

Also on the same dates, the Praia da Rocha Sports Area will host the Regional Beach Tennis Championship, on the initiative of the Algarve Tennis Association and the recently created Portimão Beach Tennis Club.

The event is aimed at federated athletes and is contested in the categories of men's pairs, women's pairs and mixed pairs.



On November 12th, the action moves to the riverside area of ​​Portimão, where a race on the Laser Run Tour National Circuit will take place, organized by the Portuguese Federation of Modern Pentathlon.

The activity, which will take place next to the old auction building, «constitutes the most recent and original creation of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon, integrating the disciplines of running and laser shooting in a continuous interspersed format».

«The main challenge is to articulate the physical/athletic aspect of running with the technical/mental aspect of laser shooting, with athletes of all ages able to participate», illustrates the Portimão City Council.

Also on that day, a basketball match between Portimonense and Vitória de Guimarães will be played at the Pavilhão Desportivo da Boavista, counting for the Hugo dos Santos Cup.

Organized by the Portuguese Basketball Federation, this official competition was won in the most recent edition by Sporting Clube de Portugal.

The 17th Open Cidade de Portimão will take place between the 19th and 34th of November, «which counts towards the senior national ranking and will welcome tennis players from all over the country. Scheduled for the Portimão Municipal Tennis and Padel Complex and with free entry, this is the oldest official competition organized by the Portimão Tennis and Padel Club».

In turn, the men's national beach soccer team once again chose Portimão for two internships, the first of which took place between the 20th and 22nd of November and the second from the 18th to the 20th of December.

Both stages will take place at the Praia da Rocha Sports Area, with training and preparatory games, which are part of the preparation plan defined by the end of the year by the Portuguese Football Federation.

The weekend of November 25th and 26th will be marked by the Social Solidarity Padel CTPP Tournament, taking place at the Portimão Municipal Tennis and Padel Complex.

With free entry, this event is also organized by the Portimão Tennis and Padel Club, open to members and users and played in mixed pairs.

The Portimão City Council also highlights the ceremony to award the Sports-Friendly Municipality and Solidarity Local Authorities awards, scheduled for 15pm on November 00th at the TEMPO café-concert – Teatro Municipal de Portimão, «where four dozen municipalities should participate south of the Tagus».

«All this sporting dynamics will continue in December, with emphasis on some events, such as the traditional Tribute Gala to the Portimonense Champions (the 8th, at the Portimão Arena), the national final of the “Portugal a Dançar” competition (the 10th, also at the Portimão Arena) and Marcha Corrida “City Day” (the 10th, on the Penina road)”, concludes the Portimão City Council.