“Noites da Lua Nova” reveals the “hidden heritage” of Faro

Activities developed by Associação Música XXI begin on October 14th

The “Noites da Lua Nova” activity, developed by Associação Música XXI, will, from the 14th of October, “unhide” some “hidden and little-known heritage” in the city of Faro. 

The first monument to open its doors will be the Seminary of S. José de Faro, which, as a place of recollection and prayer, will keep some of its spaces closed to the public.

Even so, participants will be able, from 21 pm onwards, to learn about the history of that institution, either through the historical-cultural framework, led by Andreia Fidalgo, professor at the University of Algarve, or through the testimony of the rector of the seminar Padre António de Freitas.

The discovery of this monument will involve taking a tour through its interior, along which cultural moments will emerge led by the chamber choir of the Sé Cantate Domino, directed by maestro Rui Jerónimo, by the F3 flute consort, composed of the performers Patrícia Martins, Marta Rijo and Eva Domingos for the poetry spoken by actor António Gambóias.

The “Noites da Luas Nova” project aims «that, in the phase of the moon, which represents the most fertile period for starting anything innovative, a new proposal for discovering and revealing the city's heritage can begin», he explains. the Municipality of Farense.

The initiative was funded by the Chamber of Faro and the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve and the support of the Seminário de S. José, of Faro.