IPDJ hosts concert for the 7th anniversary of “Blues a Sul”

With the band “Delta Blues Riders”

The IPDJ Auditorium, in Faro, will host on October 6th, at 21:30 pm, the concert celebrating the 7th anniversary of “Blues a Sul”, with the band “Delta Blues Riders”. 

The Delta Blues Riders come from the city of Porto and with a truly appealing repertoire, this band reinvents, in a very contemporary way, the sounds that gave rise to the blues, where the constant dialogues and genuinely “bluesistic” dynamics, combined with a strong interaction with the public, they result in a show where all the traditional Blues instruments are present – ​​harmonica, guitar, double, piano, bass and drums – all in a band of just 4 members!

The Delta Blues Riders were the band chosen in 2019 to represent national blues at the European Blues Challenge.

In its formation are some of the best and most experienced Portuguese blues musicians, who accompanied big international names such as Diurna Greenleaf (Texas), Trudy Lynn (Texas), Slam Allen (New York), Chris Bell (Atlanta), Connie Lush (UK ), Zakiya Hooker (daughter of John Lee Hooker) and Mable John (singer for Ray Charles of Motown Records).

The concert features Paulo Veloso (voice, piano and double guitar), Alexandre Almeida (electric guitar), Susana Brochado (bass) and Eduardo Sinatra (drums).