Art galleries in the municipality of Albufeira welcome two new exhibitions

Two exhibitions that open, three that continue

“Hands that Shape the Magic of Ceramics” and “Elementar” are the two new exhibitions that open this October in Albufeira. Until the 14th, “The Art of Working Wood” continues, while “Portugal” by George Landman, and the virtual exhibition “The Immortal”, available online, remain open to the public.

Thus, from October 20th to November 25th, the João Bailote Municipal Gallery welcomes the works of Carla Neto, “Hands that Mold the Magic of Ceramics”.

Passionate about deeper contact with the materials of the earth, Carla Neto explores and organizes classes on collecting the clay itself, Grés de Silves, as well as its transformation. The artist, who has a studio in Paderne, presents a collection of around 30 decorative pieces of various unpredictable shapes combined with traditional sculpture and modeling techniques.



At Pintor Samora Barros Art Gallery, Noélia Encarnação presents “Elementar”, from October 6th to 28th.

The exhibition presentation sheet reads: “Through Symbology, the sustainability of life on planet Earth is evoked. Etheric symbols of space, water, fire, earth and air, in sacred geometry receive the energy, life and power of the universe. The mystery of elementality reflected and inspired also in Eastern (Islamic) art”.

Noélia Cristóvão Neto Encarnação lives in Algoz, municipality of Silves, and has a degree in Communication Design from the University of Algarve. She has been part of several projects within children's illustration, fashion design and graphic design.



Until October 14th, the “Art of Working with Wood” continues, with sculptures by José da Piedade Vieira, at the João Bailote Municipal Gallery.

Without the possibility of pursuing secondary or higher education, his life path led him to embrace woodworking as a professional destiny from an early age. For 20 years, José da Piedade Vieira, born in the parish of Guia, has dedicated himself to sculpture, owning more than a hundred pieces made of wood from different origins.

From the construction of carriages, to naval carpentry and ending in the area of ​​furniture, 50 years of experience motivated him to be fascinated by the transformation of wood.

The collection on display demonstrates the versatility of the author who sought inspiration from visits to monuments, museums, churches, art galleries and the challenges of everyday life.



Also, this month, don't miss the opportunity to get to know the virtual exhibition “The Immortal – A Centenary Club”. This is a contribution from the Albufeira Municipal Archeology Museum to the European Heritage Days, which took place from the 22nd to the 24th of September, this year under the theme “Living Heritage”.

The objective of these journeys was to explore practices, places and objects that today are part of our cultural heritage and that have been transmitted from generation to generation, adapting, but continuing to be alive and constantly recreated by communities and groups, adjusting to the changing cultures, to the landscapes and places they inhabit.

The Imortal Desportivo Clube contributed to the sports training and promotion of ethical values ​​of a large part of the municipality's youth for decades, constituting a legacy that cannot be forgotten, nor relegated to the background.

From football, basketball, athletics, volleyball, roller hockey, sport fishing, gymnastics, table tennis, among other sports, many young people have worn the club's jersey and defended its name and emblem over the decades.

To see, click here.



Until January 30th, the Municipal Archeology Museum hosts the exhibition “Portugal”, by George Landmann.

The paintings on display were created from originals and portray the image of Portugal at the beginning of the XNUMXth century as seen by a well-travelled foreigner.

In the collection there are two images that show the two sides of Albufeira, the coast and the countryside. The cultural center is open from Monday to Saturday, from 09:30 am to 17:30 pm.