Fernando Pessanha releases a separate report on the expedition of the privateer D. Gonçalo Camelo

Entrance is free

The reprint “The expedition of the privateer D. Gonçalo Camelo against the coasts of Huelva, in 1336”, by the Algarve historian Fernando Pessanha, will be launched next Saturday, October 21st, at 19pm, at Velho Cavalinho Taberna Medieval, in Castro Marim .

Originally published in Spanish, in volume No. 15 of the magazine “Huelva en su Historia”, from the University of Huelva, the original version of this study, in Portuguese, was later published in Volume No. 4 of e-Strategica – Revista da Associação Ibérica de Military History, so Editora Guadiana, from Vila Real de Santo António, is now releasing the respective reprint, in the language of Camões.

With a cover by Adela M. Sevilla, from Editamarketing – Servicio de Comunicación y Diseño Editorial, this study sheds light on a privateering expedition that took place during the reign of D. Afonso IV and was silenced by the Castilian chronicles: the naval expedition commanded by D. Gonçalo Camelo against the coasts of Huelva, namely against Lepe and Gibraleón, in the context of the Portuguese-Castilian war of 1336-1339.

After presentations in Punta Umbría and Ayamonte (Spain), the launch of this research, now in Portuguese, will take place in Castro Marim, where the Order of Christ was established in 1336, which also fought in the Portuguese-Castilian war of 1336- 1339.

Admission is free.