BE MEP José Gusmão promotes Climate Forum at the University of Algarve

On 7 in October

Left Bloc MEP José Gusmão will promote the event “Climate Forum – from Europe to the Algarve”, in the Verde auditorium of the UALG Campus Gambelas, on October 7th, next Saturday.

«After the Water Forum in 2022, we deepened the debate on the climate crisis and the fight against denialism, with the support of scientists, activists and political representatives. The initiative will bring to the table data, analysis and diagnosis of problems, but also proposals for climate justice to face the great crisis of our time, in its global aspects and those that are felt most specifically in the Algarve», according to José Gusmão.

«Is intensive avocado planting good for the drought in the Algarve? Will we continue to irrigate golf courses with much-needed water? Can we practice sustainable fishing? How to make the climate transition without compromising jobs?” asks the MEP.

The program will feature several experts, including fellow MEP Marisa Matias, as well as Mariana Mortágua and Andreia Galvão, who will participate in a lunch rally.