Found baby that mother kidnapped from hospital Faro hidden in a bag

The birth took place at the Hospital Particular de Gambelas, but the baby went to the Hospital de Faro when professionals realized that the mother would have addiction problems

Fernando Jordan – Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

The Judiciary Police (PJ) found in the early hours of today, October 31st, the baby who was kidnapped, last Thursday afternoon, October 26th, by her mother from the Hospital de Faro. The mother took the 1-month-old newborn in a bag, which was marked by the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People (CPCJ), to a house she knew, on the outskirts of Faro. 

In a press conference this afternoon, October 31st, Fernando Jordão, director of the PJ in the Algarve, explained that, in addition to the mother, aged 37, a man, aged 45, was also detained, who allegedly helped in the kidnapping.

Asked if they had any type of romantic relationship, the head of the Judiciary did not confirm, saying only that “he is a person from the circle”, without “degrees of kinship”.

The kidnapping took place on Thursday afternoon, during a visit between the mother and the baby, which was authorized by the judicial authorities.

At that moment, taking advantage of «fractions of a second of less vigilance», the mother took the newborn «in a basket or bag», said Fernando Jordão.

«The mother went unnoticed as in many other cases – she entered and left without realizing she had the child, which was detected shortly after. From the hospital's side, the child is not exactly subject to any police surveillance,” she added.



The basis for the abduction was the fact that the mother was flagged by the CPCJ for “inability to treat the child”.

«In this family, there is already another institutionalized child as well. From the information we have so far, there was no other intention behind it other than the emotional reason”, said Fernando Jordão.

The fact that the birth took place at the Hospital Particular de Gambelas (the child was taken to the Hospital de Faro when the professionals realized that the baby was signaled) also indicates that «it is due to there already being an intention to keep the child».

As for the child's father, he is not involved in the kidnapping and the PJ already presumes to know “who it is”.

When she was located, the newborn ended up being taken back to the Hospital de Faro, where he is still under observation, despite the director of the PJ guaranteeing that, from the outset, “he was fine”.

«In principle, the child will have gone to this house straight away, but we are not yet in a position to make the entire journey. We thought that, for now, there were no plans to go anywhere else,” she added.

According to Fernando Jordão, one of the possibilities is for the newborn to be “institutionalized”.

The two detainees are still unaware of the coercive measures and the PJ investigation will continue.


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