Commander of a maritime tourist vessel dies trying to dock at Portimão Marina

The 14 tourists on board suffered minor injuries

Portimão Marina – File photo

The 43-year-old captain of a maritime tourist vessel died this morning when trying to dock the boat, with 16 people on board, at the Portimão Marina, the captain of the port of Portimão told Lusa.

According to Pousadas Godinho, the captain was in the docking maneuver “when he fell into the water and the vessel passed over him”, and the boat was stopped by the second commander and the victim was removed to the pier with a dead body.

The remaining 14 occupants (tourists) suffered minor injuries when the boat hit the pier, with 11 being treated on site by the emergency and resuscitation medical vehicle team (VMER) and three being taken to the hospital in Portimão (district of Faro) for observation.

Recognizing that this is not a usual accident, the captain of the port of Portimão ordered the opening of an investigation and communicated the facts to the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP), which must now open a criminal investigation.

The vessel involved in the accident is approximately eight meters long and is semi-rigid, with capacity for 20 people.

According to the National Maritime Authority, following the alert via 112 and soldiers from the Coastal Control Unit (UCC) of the GNR of Portimão who were at the site, at around 11:30 am, members of the local Maritime Police Command were immediately sent of Portimão and the Ferragudo Life Saving Station, as well as members of the Portimão Volunteer Fire Department and the INEM Emergency and Resuscitation Medical Vehicle (VMER).

Upon arrival at the scene, it was found that the UCC military and one of the vessel's crew had already removed the victim's body from the water, and death was declared on the spot by the VMER doctor.

The victim's body was transported by the Portimão Volunteer Firefighters to the Portimão Medical-Legal Office, and the Public Prosecutor's Office was contacted.

The Maritime Police Psychology Office has been activated and is providing support to the victim's family, adds the Maritime Authority.