Five aerial assets fight bush and forest fires in Aljezur

Initially, it was necessary to defend some homes

A “high intensity” fire, which has been burning since around 16:30 pm this Sunday in the parish of Bordeira, in the municipality of Aljezur, is being fought by five aerial means and one hundred and a half operational personnel.

At this point, he revealed to the Sul Informação the Regional Command for Emergency and Civil Protection (CREPC) of Faro, there are no houses in the fire's line of progression, although, «in the initial phase of the fire, it was necessary to protect some homes, which was successfully achieved».

The flames are now raging in an area «of bushland and some forest settlements that are difficult to access, in enclosed valleys».

The good news is that the wind is pushing the fire towards the sea, “there are no buildings in the fire's predictable path. Field operators are flanking the fire, so as not to let it progress laterally».

As a “precaution”, civil protection ordered “the evacuation of Praia de Vale Figueira, so that, if the flames reach there, there will be no one there”.

However, the hope is that the flames will be subdued before then.

In addition to the five aerial assets – «a command aircraft, a light helicopter, a heavy Kamov helicopter and two light Fireboss aircraft» -, the 151 operational personnel on the ground are being supported by 43 vehicles.



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