CHUA has two new vehicles to transport patients

One of the vehicles was delivered by the Vilamoura Lions Club

The Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA) has two new vehicles to transport patients, one of them offered by the Vilamoura Lions Club and the other purchased by the hospital. 

The Vilamoura Lions Club vehicle was delivered on October 28th and is especially aimed at users of the Department of Children, Adolescence and Family Support. The other vehicle was also delivered this week.

With these two new vehicles, the Board of Directors intends to “meet a need that has long been evident”.

«Until now we had two very old ones, one with 868 thousand kilometers and the other with 556 thousand kilometers. Given that there was this donation, we ordered both for replacement, in the approved plan of acquiring one per year, the responsibility for the acquisitions and definition of the means was this CA, receiving financial support from the Lions Clube de Vilamoura for one", said Paulo Neves, executive member of CHUA, in the ceremony that took place at the Pediatrics Service of the Hospital Unit of Faro.

«We have 28 million euros in execution thanks to the solidarity of all European countries [Community Funds], through CCDRAlg and, clearly, the Government of Portugal, which also contributed. Here we serve patients from 157 countries, in 2022. It is a source of pride and great responsibility for the Algarve and CHUA participates in this responsibility», added Paulo Neves.



The nurse director of CHUA Mariana Santos reinforced her gratitude to the Lions Club of Vilamoura, for delivering this vehicle "which will contribute to improving care especially in the Department of Children, Adolescence and Family Support", represented by pediatrician Elsa Rocha who presided to the Jury with the Transport Unit.

Jorge Madeira, president of the Lions Club of Vilamoura, explained that this vehicle «was a dream of my late wife, Soledade Madeira, who was president of the Lions Club of Vilamoura and which we have now managed to make come true, asking a lot across the country. Wherever there is a need, we are there».

At the ceremony to hand over the vehicles, blessed by the CHUA chaplain Father Luís Gonzaga, the Deputy Attorney General of the Attorney General's Office João Luís Gonçalves, the president of Loulé City Council Vítor Aleixo, the vice president of the Chamber of São Brás de Alportel Marlene Guerreiro and the president of the Quarteira Parish Council Telmo Pinto, local authorities that also contributed to the effort and support for the Lions Club in this initiative.



On the Lions' side, the delivery of the vehicles was attended by the president of the National Council of Governors of Lions Américo Marques, Governor Armando Cottim, among other club presidents and members of the Lions Club of Vilamoura.

The vehicle acquired by CHUA is a type A2, Multiple Transport ambulance, which allows up to five patients to be transported simultaneously, on a stretcher, bench or wheelchair, increasing transport capacity within the scope of Non-Urgent Patient Transport and renewing the fleet automobile in this area, which until this date had only two ambulances with a total of more than 1500 km and no longer guaranteed the quality and safety necessary for the service.

The vehicle donated by the Lions Club of Vilamoura is a vehicle dedicated to transporting patients, which allows up to seven patients to be transported simultaneously, on a bench or wheelchair, and will also allow for home support for children who cannot travel to the Unit. Hospital.