Buoy from the Hydrographic Institute records a wave of almost 10 meters off the coast of Faro

Buoys from the Hydrographic Institute record strong waves during the passage of depressions Babet, Aline and Bernard

The Hydrographic Institute (IH) multiparameter buoy located off the coast of Faro recorded waves with a maximum height of 9,9 meters, on the afternoon of October 22nd, when the Bernard depression passed, which caused extensive damage on land.

Despite being an unusual wave height on the south coast of the Algarve, it was well below the maximum heights recorded by the IH buoys in Leixões (15,8 meters, on the morning of October 20th, with the passage of depression Aline, Nazaré (11,7 meters, on the morning of the 20th) and Sines (11,5 meters, also on the morning of the 20th).


The maximum height and atmospheric pressure measured by the float Faro


According to that organization, between the 17th and 23rd of October, «an increase in the height of the swell was observed, in the observation records of the multiparametric buoys located in Leixões, Nazaré, Sines and Faro».

The Hydrographic Institute adds that, currently, “it remains in operation, within the framework of the Operational Monitoring and Forecasting System of the Portuguese ZEE MONIZEE, a set of monitoring networks for the coastal ocean off mainland Portugal, namely monitoring networks , (multiparametric buoys, directional wave buoys, coastal tide stations and coastal meteorological stations) – which measure various oceanographic and/or meteorological parameters at the location where the measuring equipment is located – and remote monitoring networks (coastal HF radar stations) – which measure the oceanographic parameters (current speed and sea agitation) of interest in adjacent maritime areas».



This set of data collected and transmitted in real time by the various monitoring networks of the MONIZEE system are used to improve predictions of the future evolution of the state of the coastal ocean, considered “essential in the context of supporting Navy missions or in the dissemination of products intended for sea users”.

In this sense, IH also makes a set of forecast products available to the public “What is your wave?".


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