In Mexilhoeira Grande, “Our Culture” takes to the streets on October 7th

The parish's customs, music and gastronomy will be highlighted

The customs of the parish of Mexilhoeira Grande, in the municipality of Portimão, take to the streets again on the 7th of October, and there will be no shortage of music and gastronomy. 

Throughout the ninth edition of this popular festival, there will be several performative moments, which will encourage the public to interact and learn about sustainable practices used in rural areas.

The In Loco association is a partner in the event, within the scope of the Mediterranean Diet Route project, which “aims to support municipalities and their economic operators to structure a tourist offer during the low season, based on the cultural identity of the Mediterranean basin, through the connection between the coastal and inland territories», says the Municipality of Portimão.

In this context, there will be a gastronomic demonstration inspired by ancient flavors, but with some modern touches, by 'chef' Rui Palma, and there will also be workshops to experiment with pieces in rags, by the users of the S. José home, Glória Candeias and Maria Heitor , and the production of a cucharrinho (small spoon), during which it will be possible to learn more about the world of cork, with artisan Adelino Correia.

Another active collaboration will be the responsibility of the Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão and the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library, with the initiative “The Library and the Quinta de Mãos Dadas pela Sustentabilidade”, which will draw attention to the importance of biological diversity in rural and rural areas. balanced and healthy ecosystems.



On a musical level, the highlights are the songs prepared by the Associação Cultural e Recreativa Alvorense, with the performance of Grupo de Cantares Mexilhoeirense, which will teach traditional songs, scheduled for 16:30 pm, and the dance show in digital format “Milho- Rei”, in which the Dancenema association portrays the cultural heritage and rural arts and crafts of the municipality of Portimão, in the form of contemporary dance choreographies.

This will be followed by the Rancho Folclórica da Figueira, at 19pm, which will challenge participants to get into the circle and do a little dancing, whilst at 00pm the concert by the duo Recanto will begin, whose repertoire is based on the collection and research into traditional European music used in historical recreations, particularly Portuguese folklore.

After a theatrical moment led by João Bota, mentor of TIPO – Teatro Infantil de Portimão, the night will end with the traditional old-fashioned stripping, to the sound of concertinas by António Barata and Xico Marques, followed by a dance led by André Gonçalves .

“A Nossa Cultura Sai à Rua” is an organization of the Portimão City Council, with production and implementation by the Portimão Museum and the Mexilhoeira Grande Parish Council, this year in partnership with the In Loco Association.

The program also includes partnerships with the local associations Grão de Areia, Sociedade Recreativa Figueirense, and Clube de Instrução e Recreio Mexilhoeirense, as well as the Parish of Nossa Senhora da Assunção da Mexilhoeira Grande and Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Mexilhoeira Grande, in addition to the support from the entire community, individuals and traders, who get involved, participate and actively contribute to the success of the initiative.