Lagos will have a renovated Health Center and new outpatient unit

The announcement was made this Thursday by the municipality

The creation of the Lagos High Resolution Outpatient Unit and the renovation of the Health Center are two of the measures that will reinforce the primary health care response in the municipality, announced this Thursday, September 21st, the Chamber. 

The municipality yesterday ratified a technical cooperation protocol with ARS Algarve that will allow the municipality to implement structuring investments in the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), foresees the construction of a new building intended for the creation/installation of the High Resolution Outpatient Unit of Lagos, to be integrated into ACES Algarve II – Barlavento, and, on the other hand, the improvement of the existing Lagos Health Center, in order to increase its energy efficiency, comply with contingency plans and/or ensure accessibility, safety and the comfort of both users and the professionals who work there.

According to the Chamber of Lagos, «the Lagos High Resolution Outpatient Unit represents a new model of health center, more proactive, more focused on responding to users and more integrated with other levels of care».

This will allow “the deepening of screening and early diagnosis capacity, particularly of the most frequent pathologies with a greater burden of associated disease (oncology, diabetes and respiratory areas), in order to correct geographic asymmetries and increase the success of the treatment of these diseases , reducing morbidity, mortality and costs».

The Municipality is responsible for promoting the launch of tender procedures for the preparation of projects and executing, through a contract, the aforementioned projects, respecting the studies and functional programs prepared by ARS Algarve.

«According to these functional programs, the estimated value foreseen in the application for the improvement of the Lagos Health Center is in the order of one million euros, and the construction of the High Resolution Outpatient Unit will cost around five million euros» , reads the note sent by the municipality.