Now go to FAVA in Loulé

FAVA has existed since 2018


taverns, food trucks, Stalls selling crafts, clothing, cosmetics, groceries and much more make up the IV FAVA – Algarve Environmental and Vegan Fair, which started yesterday and ends this Saturday, September 23, in Loulé.

Integrated into the Chamber's program of activities to celebrate European Mobility Week as well as European Car Free Day, FAVA also includes the municipality's ParkingDay event, the aim of which is to make spaces in the city normally occupied by cars available to pedestrians.

The program of activities for this year includes cooking classes, round tables with debates on various topics, workshops and training sessions on electric vehicles, gym, yoga and meditation classes and also theater, circus, dance and musical performances.

This year's FAVA is being organized by the Benfazer Association, again with the support of Loulé City Council and the Loulé Adapta initiative.


Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação