Birdwatching Festival returns to Sagres and brings news with it

Registration is now open

Walking under the moonlight, discovering which animals live in tide pools, observing the sky in the light of mythology and playing nature board games are some of the new activities at the 14th Bird Watching & Nature Activities Festival, which will take place in Sagres, in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, between the 5th and 8th of October, which is already open for registration.

The interested You can now access the initiative’s website and choose from more than 200 activities designed for nature lovers and families, many of them free, some of which “sell out immediately upon launch” from the program, which took place yesterday, September 5th.

In addition to the new features, this year's edition continues the existing offer of “bird watching activities, boat trips to observe birds and dolphins, walks, workshops (for example, photography and illustration) and challenges for the youngest », according to the Vila do Bispo Chamber, which organizes the event in partnership with the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) and the Almargem Association.

«At this time of year, thousands of birds fly over the Algarve, on their way to their wintering territories in Africa, providing a spectacle worthy of a festival. Among them is the white-fronted redstart, this year's headliner,” he adds.

«In autumn, the white-fronted redstarts that nest in our country are joined by those that come from the north – they all head to Africa to spend the winter, and for many the route passes through Sagres. To witness this spectacle, hundreds of bird watchers also converge at this location, joining in this festival that is already a regular fixture on the calendar of many families», concludes the municipality.