The public tender is open for 30 Municipal Police in Faro

The creation of a Municipal Police force in Faro will meet various needs

The external entrance competition for the admission, in the form of an employment contract in public functions for an indefinite period, of 30 2nd class municipal agents, for the Municipal Police of Faro, was published yesterday, September 27th, in Diário da República, announced the municipality.

Applications are open for a period of ten working days.

Interested parties may or may not be linked to the public administration, as long as they meet the general and special requirements by the deadline for submitting the application.

To apply for this competition, you must have Portuguese nationality (except in cases excluded by the Constitution); be 18 years of age and under 28 years of age on the date of application; not be inhibited from exercising public functions or prohibited from carrying out the functions they intend to perform; have the physical robustness and mental profile essential to the performance of functions; have complied with mandatory vaccination laws and be no taller than 1,60m (females) and 1,65m (males).

The remuneration during the internship period (if applicable), as well as after being appointed to the category of 2nd class Municipal Agent, will be the result of the regime set out in Map I, Annex II to Decree-Law No. 39/2000, March 17th, currently corresponding to the amount of 769,20 euros. The functions will be performed on a shift basis, with workers receiving the corresponding shift allowance, in accordance with the legally stipulated terms.

A written knowledge test will be carried out, as well as a psychological assessment exam, a medical selection exam and a professional selection interview, all of an eliminatory nature.

According to the deliberation of the Municipal Council of Faro of May 22, 2023, if, as a result of the competitive procedure, the final classification list, duly approved, contains a number of approved candidates greater than the number of jobs to be filled, an internal recruitment reserve will be created for the period one year from the date of approval of the final classification list.

The creation of a Municipal Police force in Faro It will meet various needs, such as those relating to the surveillance of public spaces and local urban transport, the guarding of municipal buildings and public equipment, monitoring compliance with municipal regulations or monitoring road and pedestrian traffic.

The admission requirements and the form of submission of applications are set out in the respective opening notice published in full on the Public Employment Exchange and also available on the website of the Municipality of Faro, at