Higher education with 20 thousand candidates for 10 thousand vacancies in the second phase

20.574 students submitted applications, a similar number to last year

More than 20 thousand students applied for the second phase of the national competition for access to higher education, which ended on Tuesday and for which only 10 thousand places were available.

According to data updated daily on the website of the Directorate-General for Higher Education, 20.574 students submitted applications, a number close to that recorded in the second phase of the competition last year.

After placing 49.438 students in the first phase, universities and polytechnic institutes now have 9.952 vacancies, the majority resulting from surplus places (5.212) and another 4.740 from vacancies released by students who, despite having been placed, did not enroll.

The majority of available places are in polytechnic institutes, with around 6.600 places, while universities have made around 3.300 places available.

Most courses with higher entry averages open vacancies again in this 2nd phase, but in many cases there are only one or two places.

The results will be known on September 17th, and there will also be a third phase, which ends at the end of the month.