Regional Directorate of Culture already has a Support Office for Cultural Agents

This new feature was created within the scope of DRCAlg's attributions

The Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve (DRCAlg) began to provide, from the 1st of September, a Support Office for Cultural Agents in the region.

This new feature was created within the scope of DRCAlg's attributions, to support local or regional cultural initiatives, of a non-professional nature, which, by their nature, correspond to specific needs or aptitudes of the region. Its constitution comes to recognize the essential work carried out by cultural agents, in the cultural dynamism of the region and in the access of the populations to cultural creation.

The main objectives of the Support Office for Cultural Agents (GAAC) are to provide information regarding agents' applications to PAACA - Support Program for Cultural Action in the Algarve and to other DRCAlg support lines, as well as to clarify and direct cultural agents to the funding application processes (namely DGArtes applications, European projects or others).

«Strengthen and mediate the relationship between cultural agents and the services of this regional department, promote the dissemination of useful information for the activity of cultural agents, from the point of view of the specific legislation of the sector, and support and financing programs, as well as promoting the roaming artistic creations by regional agents are also objectives of this service», explains DRCAlg.

DRCAlg also intends that GAAC can contribute to the growing autonomy of cultural agents in the region, on the way to their professionalization.

The creation of this Office arises from continuous contact with cultural agents in the region and is based on preparatory work that has been carried out, namely listening to cultural agents and professionals in the area of ​​culture, through an online form (available from March 21st to March 12th). de Maio), with the objective of identifying the areas of training that are considered essential and deficient in the Algarve region, for the cultural sector.

With regard to the areas of training that associations and professionals identify as essential to the development of their activity and the proposed themes, it was verified that priority was given to information on Financing Programs for Culture and Cultural and Creative Industries; the European Funding Programs for Culture and Cultural and Creative Industries; the DRCAlg Support Programs and the DGArtes Support Program Application.

Associations and professionals were also asked, in an open question, to suggest additional training areas and to classify them, as to their relevance. The themes considered most relevant were management (cultural, cultural entities, teams, cultural events, financial); cultural programming; cultural production; marketing and communication for culture; mediation and public education.

Furthermore, in May, there were two decentralized training sessions, in Castro Marim and Lagos, concerning the European funding program for the Europa Criativa culture, as well as a workshop with the aim of working on practical aspects in formulating applications for European projects, that took place in Faro.

The contacts of this new office are [email protected] or 289 896 070.