CHUA contracts to install a new operating room at the hospital in Faro

This intervention will allow us to move forward with the “total regeneration” of the Central Operating Room. Faro

A new operating theater with two operating rooms will be installed at the hospital in Faro, to allow for the «total regeneration» of the Central Operating Block (BOC) in the Algarve capital, revealed the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA), responsible for contracting this equipment.

The regeneration now launched, which will be made possible by the «immediate installation of two more rooms, recovery areas and a sterilization circuit and admission of patients, in direct connection to the Intensive Care Unit», also includes the renovation of the Delivery Block of Faro and the installation of Medically Assisted Procreation Center.

The new rooms, whose installation was recently awarded, will be assembled immediately «through an internal consortium of three companies» and will be «licensed in accordance with the current maximum requirements in hospital response, including laminar flow systems, which will then be used for allow the same intervention in the renewal of the Birthing Block Faro».

This new operating room has now been awarded, in association with the other two rooms in the Surgical Block existing in the Outpatient Clinic building. Faro, as well as those in the operating room in Portimão and the two new outpatient rooms at the Terras do Infante Unit, in Lagos, which, according to a note from the CHUA, will allow «to maintain the capacity for programmed and urgent response to the needs of patients, while The operating rooms there, of which there are six in total, are completely reconstructed and renovated in the main building.

This wing will be “progressively intervened during the four months following this new installation”.

After regenerating the BOC and renewing the Birthing Block, interventions that have an estimated execution period of eight months, the structure that will now be installed «will be converted into the new Medically Assisted Procreation Center, constituting a new SNS assistance response in the south from the country".

In order to reach the adjudication of these improvements, highlighted the CHUA, it took “several prior consultations with the market and six public tenders (two of them international) and also one by direct award (given that this procedure, although repeated, was always deserted)”.



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