José Pinto Contreiras Casa-Museu Association presents “Talking Cards”

The association is based in Gorjões, parish of Santa Bárbara de Nexe/Faro.

The Associação Casa-Museu José Pinto Contreiras (ACMJPC) presents, this Friday, September 22nd, from 18pm, at the Olhão Library, the work “Cartões Falantes”, a dialogue between some of Maria do Céu’s artistic works Miranda (Lili) and the well-known poet and resister Manuel Madeira.

The book highlights the challenge that the «friend cards» created by Lili, in her varied plastic techniques, exerted on Manuel Madeira's literary vein, expressed through his poetic prose and philosophical interpretation.

As the literary critic and friend of the authors, Catherine Dumas, states in the afterword to the work, «this book is unique in the work of the poet Manuel Madeira for being composed of fragments of philosophical-poetic prose, but above all for adopting the classic form of ekphrasis to the accompany in words the visual images proposed by the painter Lili».

The book will be presented by Adriana Freire Nogueira, regional director of Culture in the Algarve. The session will also be attended by Adão Contreiras (vice-president of ACMJPC), Natércia Cortes Madeira (daughter of the poet/writer) and the author of the illustrations, Maria do Céu Miranda. After the presentation, there will be an autograph session for anyone who wants to purchase the book.

The book Cartão Falantes is sponsored by the Municipality of Silves and is the third work published by ACMJPC, an association based in Gorjões, parish of Santa Bárbara de Nexe/Faro.