New sustainable packaging by SALMARIM wins international design award

In the last ten years, this was the second time that Portugal won this distinction

The new Flor de Sal packaging from the Salmarim brand, from Castro Marim, was distinguished with the awardémy "Best of the Best”, Brands & Communication, in the packaging category, of the Red Dot Design Awards – a prestigious international design competition. 

The work was developed by Nuts Branding, a Portuguese creative agency that works with gastronomy and tourism brands, in close collaboration with its client. salmarim.

Do the packaging of this new range are part of the a flor de shawl Nnatural, the scents Fogo (with flower of shawl and chili peppers), Chicken Heart (flower of shawl and Douro beef heart tomatoes), Algarve (flower of shawl and tangerines from the Algarve) and the aroma Violeta created by perfumer Cláudia Camacho with flower shawl and wild violets and dried figs from the Algarve.

«For this new collection, Nuts opted for a simple design with contemporary lines, with a focus on environmental sustainability in the choice of selected materials and social responsibility in the choice of artisans and traditional industries involved in the production.o», the note reads. 

All materials used in the new the packaging are Portuguese or produced in Portugal and were designed and selected with this propósite, the likewalk by shortit. 


O recycled glass was another of the big bets of these new packaging. Coming from the traditional glass industry, it was chosen with the propóto support this activity.

Each package includes a small wooden spoononça úunique, carved the hand, by craftsman Wesley Sacardi, from wood waste.

The paper used in thelabels é um paper fine paper recycled, ecoólogical, of controlled origin and with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council, an international forest certification system that allows responsible sources of wood, paper, cork and other forest-based products to be identified).

In this regard, eachlook is unique due to the process involved in its manufacture, the stains and splashes on the paper are natural “wood chips” that allow for the organic touch that the agency wanted.



design and the graphic elements were designed to minimize the printing area and the amount of ink used in the production of the rótitles to get a more design sustainable.

In the words of Patrícia Conde, CEO of Nuts Branding, this prémy «honors not only about three years of joint work (with studies of variousótypes of boxes, various models, visits to various cork and glass producers) but alsoéquality of this exceptional product. We believe that this proémio will mark a new stage in the lives of Nuts and salmarim»

For Jorge Raiado, responsible for the brand salmarim, who are "this award represents the culminationnar of a dream, go thereém of the product, recognize the quality throughés of design, no stamps. O shawl é regarded as a cheap, worthless product. This one é one of the means of valuing and bringing recognition to the product». 

the delivery of prémio will happen at the Gala do "Red Dot Award”, on the 3rd of November, at Concert hall, in Berlin, Germany.

The Red Dot Design Award é one of the biggest design competitions in the world. In the last ten years, this was the second time that Portugal won this distinctiono.


Together to the Sapal de Castro Natural Reserve Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, there are traditional salt pans where the flower of shawl é harvested manually, at the right time provided by nature and taken advantage of by man, who repeats ancestral gestures there to collect and preserve it. That's where the salmarim, a brand created by Jorge Raiado to breathe new life into a family business, challenges visitors on a timeless journey through the world of flavors and senses.


Led by Patricia Conde, Nuts Branding was the first creative agency exclusively dedicated to the Food & Travel sector in Portugal. Born in 2015, Nuts launches, activates and promotes brands in this sector in online and offline media. It assumes itself as an agency that nourishes and energizes brands, similar to the nuts that inspire its name, the walnut.