More than 20 people have already been rescued in Cacela Velha this bathing season

National Maritime Authority reinforces the advice against bathing activity in that area

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

The elements of the “SeaWatch” Project, belonging to the National Maritime Authority, assisted during the day of yesterday, August 5th, 10 people who were in difficulty in the water, in an unsupervised area, in the Ria Formosa, in Cacela Velha, where bathing season, more than 20 people have already been rescued. 

In a note, the National Maritime Authority states that the 10 aided bathers are "physically well and without the need for medical assistance, having left the place by their own means" and reinforces the advice against bathing activity in the Cacela Velha area due to the dangers it represents.

This notice joins what the Vila Real de Santo António Council (VRSA) had already left. 

In addition to recalling that «the territory of Cacela Velha – and all its surroundings – represents a place of rare beauty and ecological diversity that is important to conserve and preserve», the municipality had already reinforced that «despite being much sought after, especially in summer, the barrier islands, in front of the village of Cacela Velha, are not a bathing unit and, as such, are not equipped with an Assistance Service for Bathers (lifeguards)».

Thus, «visitors who cross on foot, to reach the beach, jeopardize their own safety, especially when the tide is low, since the currents are strong and pull towards the sea», stressed the Chamber of Deputies. VRSA in a note sent to newsrooms on 5 July.



In order to protect the stability of the dune cord and the cliff of Cacela, guarantee the protection of the fauna and flora in this area of ​​the Ria Formosa and ensure the safety of residents and visitors to Cacela Velha, the VRSA Council advises against using the area in front Cacela Velha for bathing.

Alternatively, the municipality proposes a visit to the beach resort at Praia da Fábrica (coordinates: 37° 9'14.61″ N 7°33'12.63″W), respecting circulation and parking restrictions, and crossing with vessels licensed for this purpose.

Manta Rota beach is another recommended option (coordinates: 37° 9'54.54″N 7°31'11.00″W,). With a vast area and support services, it has several bathing units «that offer all the security and parking conditions for vacationers».

Praia da Fabrica and Praia de Manta Rota, as well as all the beaches in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António, «offer, for your safety, an assistance service for bathers, certified and in accordance with the legislation in force», terminated the autarchy.


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