Loulé launches a competition to promote the future nature reserve at the mouth of Almargem and Trafal

“Know and Protect” is the name of the pastime that runs until the 22nd of September

“Conhece e Protege” is the name of the competition launched by the Municipality of Loulé to publicize the Foz do Almargem and Trafal Local Natural Reserve area, which will soon become a reality.

The challenge consists of correctly answering a short questionnaire about the area of ​​the future Reserve, in order to raise the awareness of residents, tourists and all those who use the space to the importance of its protection, conservation and enhancement.

Until the 22nd of September, some animators will walk around the municipality of Loulé to promote these actions that will take place on the beaches of Almargem and Loulé Velho, Quarteira Summer Market and at FAVA – Algarve Environment and Vegan Fair/European Mobility Week .

It is at this event that the final draw will also take place, which takes place on the 23rd of September, with the attribution of the following prizes: 1st prize, “Polaroid” camera, 2nd prize, “explorer” type backpack and 3rd prize, cloth cap .

The Municipality appeals to everyone to participate in this pastime and recalls that this area constitutes «a last stronghold for many species of fauna and flora, as well as for carrying out leisure and well-being activities on a very urbanized coast where anthropic pressure is increasing. greater, and which urgently needs to be preserved, as the classification and regulation process is now in place, and after the public consultation is over, in the preparation phase of the Weighting Report, that is, close to its end».

Loulé thus wants to contribute to expanding the territory of protected areas on the Planet.

The regulation of the pastime can be consulted here