There is a new boat with more places to take people to Culatra and Farol

Boat Sol da Ria has capacity for 230 people and makes the connection between Faro and the islands of Farole da breech

The company Sol da Ria, which guarantees the transport of passengers from Faro and Olhão to the islands of Ria Formosa, has just acquired a new vessel, with greater capacity, for Faro protocols for Faroread Culatra. 

The new boat, with capacity for 230 people, joined, about a week ago, the two that already made this crossing: one with capacity for 100 passengers and the other for 120.

«At the moment, we are only using the new boat that, alone, carries as many people as the other two», he explained to Sul Informação Francisco Guerreiro, one of those responsible for the company Sol da Ria.

This vessel allows «not only to bring more people» but «to make fewer trips», he added.

"Next to Faro, the sailing conditions are not as favorable for the boats to circulate, as in Olhão. That's why, in Faro, also the comings and goings are more controlled», reinforces this person in charge.

In this way, in order to be able to control the capacity of boats on returns, people must, when buying tickets, indicate what time they intend to return.


Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


«The idea is to organize the schedules, so that, afterwards, people don't all decide to return at the same time and the boat has to circulate many more times», says Francisco Guerreiro, explaining that this rule does not apply in Olhão because the boats have more places and more times.

Questioned by Sul Informação on whether there will soon be the possibility of extending the timetable for this route, Carlos Baia, councilor of the Chamber of Deputies Faro, explained that, for now, «this vessel, with more capacity, is operating in an experimental period» and that this extension, if possible, will only happen after the launch of a new tender for the concession of these river routes.

«There, the company will assess whether there are conditions for the career to be profitable with more schedules», said the councilor, referring that, until now, it has not been possible to extend the schedule «due to the number of seats on the previous vessel and the logistics of the ship itself. operator".


Em Faro, the company Sol da Ria transports passengers to the islands of Farol e Breech.
Between June 1st and September 15th, travel by Faro protocols for Farol take place at 8:30 am, 10:35 am, 12:25 pm, 14:45 pm, 16:45 pm and 18:45 pm.
The opposite trip can be made at 9:20 am, 11:20 am, 13:10 pm, 16:05 pm, 18:00 pm and 19:30 pm. For Culatra, trips are much shorter.
De Faro, it is possible to depart at 8:30 am and 14:45 pm and return at 9:35 am and 15:35 pm. Farol (40 minutes journey) and 6 euros for Culatra (50 minutes journey).



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