FATACIL dedicates last day to Environment and Sustainability

“The Water Crisis in the Algarve” will be the central theme of a round table

Drought, water management and climate change, as well as the future Natural Marine Park of Recife do Algarve – Pedra do Valado and the Participasca Project – Co-management of Octopus Fishing in the Algarve are some of the topics highlighted on the last day of FATACIL , Sunday, August 27th, which will be dedicated to the Environment and Sustainability.

“The Water Crisis in the Algarve” will be the central theme of a round table that will take place from 19 pm in the space of the Municipality of Lagoa. Right at the entrance of FATACIL. The mayor, Luis Encarnação, the regional director of APA /ARH Algarve (Portuguese Environment Agency), Pedro Coelho and the chairman of the Board of Directors of Águas do Algarve, António Eusébio will participate in it.

In this session, moderated by Elisabete Rodrigues, director of Sul Informação, issues such as good water efficiency practices, the situation of water resources in the Algarve and water management in the region will be highlighted.

Also during this last day of FATACIL, dedicated to the Environment and Sustainability, there will be a redoubled appeal for the rational management of water and appeals for saving it, in a partnership with Águas do Algarve, which will take its campaign “Água é Vida” to the public .

In this context, videos alluding to the theme will be shown, some of which were made within the scope of the APA initiative, “Environmental Volunteering for Water”.

Europe Direct Algarve will also be present to publicize the European Union's action in defense of the environment, with emphasis on the EUBeachCleanUP campaign and the LIXARTE project, both within the scope of coastal cleaning and activism for the oceans.

Still on the theme of water management, on this Environment and Sustainability Day, the Portuguese Environment Agency will be present at the Lagoa Wine – FATACIL Lounge space, at 19 pm, to address the challenges posed by climate change and its impact on availabilities and structural drought in the Algarve, in an action called “Aliança pela Água” aimed at citizens and economic activity actors.

Also during this day, there will be actions to publicize the future Natural Marine Park of Recife do Algarve – Pedra do Valado, a participatory process with the aim of creating a protected area off the coast of the municipalities of Lagoa, Silves and Albufeira, which has partners such as CCMAR (Centre for Marine Sciences of the University of Algarve) and the Oceano Azul Foundation, involving municipalities and fishing associations, among others.

The Participasca project, Co-management of Octopus Fishing in the Algarve, coordinated by ANP/WWF (Associação Natureza Portugal / World Fund for Nature Conservation) involves entities such as CCMAR, Fundação Oceano Azul, IPMA, the association of fishermen of the Algarve , among others, will also be present with interviews and video showings about the project.