Boat with 12 people assisted after running aground on the Faro-Olhão

None of the crew required medical assistance.

A pleasure craft, with 12 people on board, ran aground early today, August 17th, on a strip of sand on Ilha Deserta, located west of the entrance to the bar Faro-Olhão, and had to be helped.

The alert was given at 02:02 am and, according to the Maritime Authority, after the vessel ran aground, 11 of the people went by land to the Deserta pier, with the boat's boss staying with him.

Upon arrival at the site, the Maritime Police found that «the crew were physically fine, with no need for medical assistance», and then transported them to another pleasure boat that accompanied the one that ran aground and which took them to Vilamoura Marina.

The owner of the stranded craft, who was one of the people on board, was notified to 'submit a plan to remove the pleasure craft'.

The local command of the Maritime Police of Faro took care of the incident.