Adherence to the EVA and VAMUS strike in the Algarve is around 82%

“The number of deleted services is very high”

Adherence to the strike by road transport companies EVA Transportes and Vizur, which operate in the Algarve, is around 82%, which led to the stoppage of 113 buses, according to the representative union.

Speaking to Lusa, the regional leader of the Union of Road and Urban Transport Workers of Portugal (STRUP, affiliated with the Federation of Transport and Communications Unions), which called for the strike, said that “until 14:00 p.m. expectations”.

“We registered a participation rate of 82%, which meant that 113 buses did not leave the garage, including long-distance ones with connections to and from Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Beja and Évora”, said Paulo Afonso.

According to the representative, "the number of services suppressed is very high", taking into account that on intercity routes "there are buses that make five or more services a day".

“In the Express services, which are long-haul trips, five of the 11 scheduled departures from Lisbon to the Algarve were canceled, two from Porto, one from Braga and those from Évora and Beja”, he specified.

According to Paulo Afonso, long-distance transport “was not as affected as the union predicted, the same not happening with transport in the Algarve region”.

The workers of the companies EVA Transportes and Vizur, of the Barraqueiro Group, are on strike for one day today, demanding wage increases and the payment of the holiday subsidy in accordance with the law.

In addition to today's stoppage, the union has declared a strike for all overtime work until next Tuesday.

EVA Transportes operates the Expresso network service that connects the district of Faro and the remaining regions of the country.

For its part, Vizur provides connections to the Algarve's inter-municipal network, covering the 16 Algarve municipalities, from Vila do Bispo to Vila Real de Santo António.

Lusa unsuccessfully tried to obtain a comment from the companies.